Bihar State Data Center

Know About State Data Center & BSDC 2.0

Bihar State Data Centre is a a critical digital nerve system of govt. of bihar for secure 24 X 7 access, and efficient electronic delivery of G2C, G2G & G2B Services.

With proliferation of e-Governence projects and applications to provide the citizen services electronically, the need of redundant, relible and secure IT Infrastructure, including the Data Center has exponentially grown. Bihar State Data Center was established in 2015 by Department of Information Technology to work as a repository for hosting of web applications and server implementation of different departments of the State Government. It has been augmented to its maximum capacity and presently is hosting more than 70 applications and websites of various departments. Now, To cater the future requirements of the state, BSDC 2.0 has been planned.

BSDC 2.0 has been planned as a Tier-III data center that will be key-supporting element of e-Governenece initiatives & businesses for delivering services to citizens. It would enable various State Departments to host their applications on a common infrastructure. It has been designed to ensure high availability, quick scalability, efficient management and optimized utilization of resoures. It would provide a wide range of services for discovery, analysis, optimization, virtualization & migration of services at existing SDC as well.

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More About BSDC 2.0

Various aspects of Bihar State Data Center 2.0 includes:

Physical :
G+4 building with 10,000 square feet of server farm area & 21,000 square feet for operations.
Provisions for 160 Racks.
Establishment of Private Cloud for hosting services, along with migration of existing Cloud to the new one.
Migration of Co-Located infrastructure.

Facilities :
Power/Cooling, Multi Layer Security System.

IT Infrastructure :
Servers, Networking, Storage & Data Network Security.

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Square Feet
Server Area
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Operational Area
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